What Can Delay Real Estate Closings in Parkland?

When buying a home, there are many elements to get in order. For everyone involved in your real estate transaction, the real estate closing is the home stretch. At Expert Title Company, we’re here to help with real estate closings in Parkland. We offer comprehensive title services along with closings to ease your real estate transactions. But sometimes, things can happen and the closing may be delayed. Understanding the factors that may delay your real estate closing can help lessen the likelihood of delayed real estate closings in Parkland. 

I’ve been working with my mortgage broker nonstop, will I still have a delayed closing? 

You may be in constant contact with your mortgage broker, insurance agent and other parties involved in your real estate closing. But diligent buyer work alone won’t guarantee that your closing happens right on time. There are many factors that can delay real estate closings in Parkland, including: 

  • Hurricanes. As we all know, hurricanes are major disruptions all around South Florida. When a hurricane is on its way, it’s impossible to get homeowner’s insurance, which delays closings. The pre-hurricane panic and post-hurricane upset may also delay closings. But, typically contracts have clauses to keep everything on track for your closing once normalcy (and electricity) have occurred. 
  • Incomplete paperwork. You’re not the only one working through paperwork during your real estate transaction. Before your closing can be completed, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. For large communities, master insurance plans may need to be pulled to prior to purchase. Paperwork hiccups can delay closings. 
  • Title issues. At Expert Title Company, we offer title insurance and title searches as a part of our real estate closings in Parkland. Previous liens and ownership discrepancies are title issues which can delay a closing. The sooner title issues are unearthed, the sooner they can be addressed to enable your closing.  

As you can see, there are different issues that may delay real estate closings in Parkland. Other issues, such as appraisal problems or mortgage confusion can also delay real estate closings in Parkland. But not to worry, our team at Expert Title Company is here to help. We work with many aspects of real estate closings, and we can work to help make your closing as smooth as possible. Call our office today for knowledgeable Parkland real estate closings services.