How Can a Title Company Help a Seller?

If you’re about to purchase a home, then it stands to reasons that you ‘ll want to protect your investment as best you can in the years to come. While most people purchase insurance to protect their major purchases like cars, homes or boats, there is another type of insurance that you might need to protect your property called title insurance. Title insurance protects the buyer so that no one can later claim that the property is theirs. Our team at Expert Title Company has been serving the Deerfield Beach and South Florida communities for decades and can assist with purchasing title insurance as well as many other aspects of the selling and home buying process. A title company generally helps the buyer with a host of things such as purchasing title insurance as well as dealing with your mortgage lender to accurately prepare the closing documents. But what can a trusted firm like Expert Title Company help the seller with?  

  • Title search – This is an important part of any real estate transaction to make sure that your property is free and clear to sell. During a title search, our team may uncover potential issues that may slow your transaction down such as discovering that there is a lien on your property. We can uncover these issues and more and negotiate to get them resolved quickly before the closing. The sooner an issue is discovered, the sooner it can be addressed.  
  • Contract preparation – We have experienced real estate attorneys on our team and they can help prepare all paperwork, contracts and closing documents as well as file them.  
  • Notary services – To close the sale there are numerous documents which must be signed by both buyer and seller and most of them must be notarized. The amount of paperwork at a closing can seem overwhelming at times—but you will save time because we can notarize all of your important closing documents right in our office. 
  • Coordinating the closing documents and dispersing funds – one of the main things that we will make sure of on your closing day is that all documents are signed by both the seller and the buyer. This means coordinating times to meet with all parties. We will also make sure that no funds are dispersed to the seller until all of the closing documents are signed by both parties and that everything is in order. 

With these and many other services, our team at Expert Title Company can help make all of your transactions run smoothly. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we provide title search and legal services as well as invaluable assistance for all your real estate transactions. Whether you’re working towards a closing date for a new purchase, refinancing your home or a home equity line of credit or loan, you can trust our experienced team of title agents and real estate attorneys to ensure that your real estate deal is a successful one. To get started, call Expert Title Company today at (954) 570-5959. Our courteous staff in Deerfield Beach is here to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have about the closing or real estate process. Call us today. We look forward to doing business together.