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People spend their money on a lot of things, but few are as important as buying a house. When you purchase in Deerfield Beach, or anywhere in South Florida, you’re buying more than just a structure or piece of land, you’re making a significant investment for the future. What most people don’t realize is that a lot that goes on behind the scenes when someone decides to purchase property. From getting title insurance to negotiating closing costs and signing the papers, there’s a lot for a buyer to consider so it can be beneficial to get help from a professional title agency in Deerfield Beach, FL. Expert TitleSM can assist with all aspects of the home buying process.


Ken Bronchick

Ken Bronchick

President and Leading Attorney of Expert Title℠

He has maintained his law office in Broward County since June, 1986. He has been awarded the prestigious “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell® (recognizing excellence in ability and ethical practice).

Steve Naturman

Steve Naturman

Vice-President of Expert Title℠

Practicing in Miami-Dade County since 1987, and is the co-founder of Expert Title℠.

Document Preparation
We will prepare all of your documents for you in advance, making it easy for you to come in and sign all the necessary paperwork.
1031 Exchanges
We will provide you with IRC Section 1031 tax exchange consulting to help you save on Capital Gains taxes.
Our team will order the necessary inspections with the best company for your needs.
We will provide you with a detailed title search.

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The attorneys at Expert TitleSM have more than 60 years of combined experience and can help simplify the process of purchasing a home, an office or any real estate investment. With a commitment to customer service and effective communication, no title agency in Deerfield Beach can match the knowledge and experience of Expert TitleSM.

A Deerfield Beach title agency can provide a litany of services which can make the process of buying real estate much easier for a future owner. Being based out of Deerfield Beach, Expert Title℠ is central for most of South Florida. Expert TitleSM serves Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties, making us the most convenient choice for a title company. Do you know if the property you are buying is legally owned by the seller? Does it have liens or other back taxes against it? Are there restrictions on developing or altering the property? These are all questions which a title agency can answer before you sign on that dotted line and make it official.

Buying a home is much more than just handing over several hundred thousand dollars and calling it a day. People feel much better with a certain amount of protection when they are involved in such a large transaction. Some title agencies in South Florida may try to charge you hidden fees and other “closing charges” that you didn’t hear about at the start. Not Expert TitleSM. The professional staff are upfront with every client from the beginning so you know exactly what’s happening with your purchase from start to finish.

As you can see, a Deerfield Beach title agency is essential in any real estate sale. From providing a home inspection to handling all the paperwork, Expert TitleSM is your source for a smooth transaction free from stress and anxiety about the closing. Working with experts in the field means every aspect of the sale is examined from top to bottom so there aren’t any unexpected problems popping up after the sale. Call the professionals at Expert TitleSM in Deerfield Beach today and get started with your purchase!

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