Professional & Experienced Title Agents in Coral Springs

Buying a real estate property can be a lengthy process. There are various things involved in such an important transaction. Once the client has toured the house with his Real Estate Agent and has decided to purchase the property, there are other steps to follow. Once you arrive to the closing stage, one of the things you will need is a title search. But you may ask, what is a title search? Why do I need that? And moreover, who can help me with that. At Expert Title Company, we thrive on assisting clients with this entire process. In this blog we’ll talk about what is a title search and how our title agents in Coral Springs, can help you obtain your title insurance for the property. But first, let’s give you an introduction to who we are. 

Expert Title Company, is locally owned and operated by two attorneys with nearly sixty years of combined experience. Our experienced team can help you navigate the process of obtaining your title insurance for the home of your dreams, your office space or your investment property. We want you to have a reliable title company that you can count on every time. Our title agents in Coral Springs, have extensive experience that surpasses residential purchases, sales and refinances. Additionally, we have a background in commercial transactions (having previously represented banking institutions) 1031 exchanges, reverse mortgages, construction lending and development. All in all, we can help you with various transactions types, no matter the size, and whether simple or complex, our team has your back. 

Our job is to guarantee that the property’s title is legitimate, so that once the individual purchases the property he has absolute certainty that he is the rightful owner of the property. To make sure that the title is valid, our title agents in Coral Spring will run a “title search”, which is a thorough examination of the property’s record, in order to identify if the person or company claiming to own the property, in fact, does legally own the property. This will prevent anyone else from claiming partial or full ownership of the property. This step is crucial in the transaction process, and will ensure that you’re protected from making a fraudulent or illegitimate purchase.  

Picking the right title insurance company only works to your advantage. At Expert Title Company, our knowledgeable and experienced title agents in Coral Springs, can help you throughout this entire journey, to ensure you are making informed and sound decisions and don’t take any actions you’ll later regret. To schedule an appointment with one of our title agents in Coral Springs, call Expert Title Company at (954) 570-5959.